Flood Prevention Bags - - - **Call us for delivered cost**

Please see video below showing our Flood Prevention bags in action. Notice the time lapse as each water activated bag is ready for use in under 2 minutes.

This product is completely biodegradable and environmentally safe.

  • Flood Prevention FB Bag Dimensions - 25 1/2" L x 14" W
  • Flood Prevention RPD Bag Dimensions - 97" L x 8" W
  • Flood Prevention Kits - Each Kit contains Six (6) FB Bags & Two (2) RPD Bags


These Flood Bags are quicker, more environmentally safe and more cost efficient than using regular sand bags. Compare 2000 sandbags vs. 2000 Flood Bags:

2000 sandbags would take:

  • 4.5 commercial dump trucks worth of sand
  • 20 laborers
  • 37 hours
  • Approx cost including labor of $23,000
2000 Flood Bags would take:
  • 1 standard pickup truck to transport the bags
  • 5 laborers
  • 10 hours
  • Approx cost including labor of $9,000
That would be a $14,000 savings + being Environmentally Safe & Responsible! The Flood bags are water activated and they remain activated as long as water is in area. Once water recedes the bags will remain activated for approximately 24 hours with no sand or silt to clean up!

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